A downloadable game for Windows

This project was created during the 2019 Jamfuser Game Jam with the core theme being centred on ‘Junk’. 


Norbit The Narwhal's tranquil life is interrupted by the arrival of Barry, The Litterbug Sailor. He's dumping all his junk in Norbit's pristine habitat! Norbit's only choice is to swim about and collect the trash with his horn, to return it to Barry's Ship. But the trash keeps coming, and it won't stop coming! Can Norbit clean up his home, or is it destined to become the new garbage dump of the sea?

Play as Norbit and use your horn to pierce floating trash. Return that trash to Barry's boat, and, little by little, clean up your home. 


*GamePad Required*

  • Use the Left Analogue Stick to Adjust Pitch and Yaw
  • Use the Right Analogue Stick to Adjust The Camera 
  • Hold Down X to Charge Up A Dash Attack! Use This to Pierce Pieces of Trash. Norbit Can Hold 3 Pieces of Trash at a Time
  • Hold Down LT to Look Down Your Horn
  • While Looking Down Your Horn, Tap RT to Fire Trash Off of Your Horn. Use This to Deposit The Trash Back in Barry’s Boat 
  • Press A to Use Sonar and Locate Pesky Pieces of Hidden Trash


Oliver Jackson - Game Designer/Developer

Bill Blanchard - UI and Cinimatics

Ryan Gladman - Level Design

Connor Morphew - 3D Art


Norbit's Aquatic CleanUp.zip 682 MB


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Loved the intro sequence! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to run the game smoothly, so it was unplayable for me, but it's a fun idea and I'm sure it looks great when better optimized or running on a better PC. Good job!

This is an incredible game! I love the intro and ending sequences, Norbit has amazing detailed animation when swimming around. It was fun throughout trying to get the rubbish on the boat. Even the environment was well crafted with an art style that's easy on the eyes. Kudos to everyone involved.

Wow! Game a game, I love the story and the graphics are on point!Keep it up!

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Impressive amount of polish and playability considering the time restraints.
Really nice environment and assets, UI is very clean and compliments the game well.

Great job guys!

Very relaxing, with a beautiful low poly aesthetic! The controls were easy to pick up, and the gameplay’s very unique. Good job making this in just 3 days. It’d be cool to see what this could become with even more development!!:)